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Leading Luxury Interior Design And Architect Firm In India

The urge to be applicable, to eliminate monotony and attention to detail is of utmost importance to us. We at designratio intend to transform the lives of its clients by providing a space that is wonderful, luxurious, comfortable yet practical with the only constant being luxury and elegance.

Our core mission is to design, customize and transform that bring delight. Our studio provides a full scope of services : Ground up from the roots of architecture, interior design, turnkey, furnishings and site planning.

Our brand stands firmly with an ability to be innovative, providing a space that is luxurious, comfortable yet practical. The individuality extends as we take pride in establishing deep

Commitments with our clients, with thorough research and analysis thus resulting in a Design that resonates with its context and time.

One of the features that sets designratio apart is the complete in-house capability to execute all the designs that the team comes up with. A large team of site professionals including Interior designers, Interior decorators and Architects along with the manufacturing support allows the company to handle multiple projects with utmost level of perfection and within the given time frame.

From projects consisting of residential properties, commercial properties  and hotels we aim to triumph as the top Luxury interior designers  and architects in India. Our services range from master planning and programming to design, construction administration, and facility management support.  designratio’s team comprises top Interior designers, material specialists, urban planners and architects.

The Interior decorators create a different story for each project, every piece is thoughtfully  sourced and adapted as per the style of our client. We celebrate the design aesthetics that your home deserves. With the mission to ensure that every structure is created to enhance and transform the lives of our clients we have taken customization one step further to personalization – highlighting the news and desires of our clients into their homes. We believe that design is a reaction to a space, material and form.


In today’s time it is very important to have one stop solution for anything you do. Especially at the time of constructing your own home. We at Riwaas provide an umbrella of one stop solutions for everything a client would desire during the fabrication and designing of the house. From designing, to execution to selections and furniture we provide everything under one roof with the best team of vendors associated with us and highly skilled workmanship on site along with a professional team. Our principal designer and architect are present on the site 24/7 for supervision and close examination.

Let’s make wonders